About our company

We are an independent production and construction organization that carries out activities in accordance with the list of licensed types of work; is engaged in all types of construction.

MONTAZHSTROY LLC has been carrying out construction and installation works, capital repair and current repairs of buildings and structures, electrical and plumbing works, we have been carrying out the entire complex of works related to the construction of houses and the reconstruction of buildings in constant mode since 1998 and are responsible for the quality and Timeliness of their implementation. During performance of contract works, MONTAZHSTROY LLC ensures accurate and timely maintenance of reporting and executive documentation. The customer is provided with documents confirming the quality and economic safety of the building materials, structures and products used.

We build
Shopping centers
Commercial real estate (hangars, stop complexes, warehouses)
Small rooms (saunas, baths, hammams)
Cottages and hotels
Cottage villages
Private houses and townhouses
We produce
Production of SIP panels

Production line great performance:

  • 600 square meters of panels per shift
  • 1 800 sq. m. of panels per day
  • 1 500 sq. m. of housing per month (15 finished homes)

For the year 2016 has built more than 5,000 square meters of ready housing from SIP panels

Tin shop
  • Our products are manufactured from soft metal - visors, sills, blind stitch materials and architectural elements
  • Flanging 3 m, capacity 720 shoulder straps.m./day
  • 17 280 the shoulder straps.m./a month
Metal-plastic windows and doors
  • Machines for the production of Windows and doors in PVC with a total capacity of up to 3 000 sq. m./month
  • Related materials: Blinds, shutters, window sills, mosquito nets.
Pneumosuperchargers of concrete
  • Equipment for cement-sand floor covering
  • 3 000 sq. m./month
Metal structures

Modern plant for the processing of metal and manufacturing structures of any kind.

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